CREST Personal Member Accounts comparison table


The table below compares accounts offered by UK stock brokers who will sponsor CREST personal accounts for individual investors. Most stock brokers do not offer CREST personal membership and so this is far being from a complete list of UK stock broking accounts – see this UK stock brokers list and comparison table if you’d like to compare nominee accounts instead. To understand exactly what a personal CREST account is and why you might want one, read the CREST personal member accounts explained pages.

 CREST personal account feeOnline trading commissionTelephone trading commissionForeign stocks available
in CREST account
Blankstone SingtonAnnual account fee of 0.25% up to £150,000, 0.125% on next £350,000, 0.075% over £500,000 (min £25, max £1,000)n/a£25 min (£25 on first £250, 1.75% of next £9,750, 0.5% of next £10,000, 0.4% of balance)YesVisit site
Charles Stanley£420/year (£200 + VAT Crest personal membership fee plus £150 + VAT account fee)n/a £25 min (1.85% of first £10,000, 0.5% of next £90,000, 0.25% of balance)No (Charles Stanley offers international dealing, but not through CDIs)Visit site
Killik & Co£100/yearn/a£30 min (1.65% of first £15,000, 0.5% of balance)No (offers international dealing,
but not through CDIs)
Visit site
Redmayne Bentley£40/year if no trades made during yearn/a£17.5 min (1.65% of first £7,000, 0.5% from £7-20,000, 0.45% of balance) plus settlement and compliance charge of £7.5 (UK), £15 (USA), £10 (other CREST eligible foreign stocks) YesVisit site

Fees include VAT at 20% where applicable. Rates are taken from the stock brokers’ standard terms of business, but may be negotiable in some cases for large customers. There are no further fees to pay to CREST – the stock broker does this on your behalf – but for context it may be helpful to know that the fee charged by CREST to the stock broker per sponsored member is £10 per year.

Details of stock trading services in the UK CREST personal member accounts comparison table comes from the stock brokers’ websites and brochures, conversations with stock broker staff members and feedback from investors who use the services. While the table is believed to be accurate and up-to-date, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. You should always check current terms and conditions before opening an account. If you identify any errors or omissions or have suggestions for improvements, you can send an email via the contact form. The comparison table was last updated 29th December 2015.